Danses apprises par saison

                     SAISON 2013/2014                                                    

cowboy boogie all you need alcohol sweet caballero
electric slide two boys t tomorrow never know colorado girls
cowboy charleston adios goodbye addicted to love santa fe cha cha
county line cha cha an absolute dream               all you need rip it off
go cat go alcohol an absolute dream 1976
an absolute dream t tomorrow never know adios goodbye my mistakes
cucaracha toes gotta keep praying                amazing grace
believe me baby watcha reckson skiffle time last forever
stealing the best                  the blarney roses dance of love rodeo princess
watcha reckson joana got my baby back tush push for two
joana wave on wave don't disturb me you must be jocking
t tomorrow never know country girl shake the blarney roses texas tattoo
little wagon wheel winter's aplles wagon wheel rock suzanne suzanne
two boys dreamers country girl shake the jw walk
springsteen song got my baby back mexi fest you don't talk
winter's apples little wagon wheel dancing violins dream world
dreamers mexi fest celtic of irlande this is me for two
rock n roll is king atomik polka my dear juliet jack's struck stop
all you need this is me hey brother swing with me
thank's a lot were are tonight this is me  bob marley
alcohol better times celtic teardrops big one
green grass hot and heasy lookout swingin summer
country girl shake mexicoma were are tonight canadian caroussel
2 hell and back cowboys dreams better times waiting for two
hot and easy   a little bit gypsy  
mexicoma   hot and easy  
cowboys dreams   cowboys dreams  
peolple are crazy   hey man  
cotton eyed joe partner   earthbound  
la chapelloise partner   mexicoma  
hello heart partner      
texas walts partner      


                    SAISON 2014/2015      


Swagger Hello heart ( P ) Swagger Cowboy dreams for 2
Bullfrog on a log El Paso ( P ) Bullfrog on a  log Wiskey wiggle
Summer fly Bullfrog on a log P3 Bullfrog on log for 2
P3 Something stupid  ( P )     Drunken sailor Bandera
Easy come easy go Darlin ( P ) Pavement ends When she cries
Pavement Ends Cowboy dreams for 2 ( P ) Raggle taggle gypsy O Cryin eyes
Beer for my horses Pavement ends Lucky you             Canedian caroussel
Raggle taggle gypsy O P3 Turn it on cowboy I love this bar
Drunken sailor                This is me for 2 ( P ) South Australia The Story of my life 2
Turn it on cowboy Lover please come back ( P ) Making me crazy Count to 3
Telepathy Turn it on cowboy The Boat to liverpool Can't stand the rain
The Boat to liverpool Wave on wave for 2 ( P ) Leti Wild night in mexico
Wave on wave The Boat to liverpool Celtic rose Love me like you do
Celtic roses Swagger The Story of my life Sun daze
Disappearing taillights Mexico shuffle ( P ) Sadie's Jackson strait
Jambalaya When she cries ( P ) I want crazy Stay beautiful
Bosa nova Celtic rose Drowsy Maggie Something to die for 2
Better times Marie ( P ) Long live rock'n roll C.R.S
Homegrown Raggle taggle gypsy o Disappearing taillights Country music in texas
Stay beautiful Jambalaya Bounty Bucket seats
Somewhere in my car Rumba stroll ( P ) Vigo Oh Mama
Country roads Missing you ( P ) Homegrown Duet All
Cliché Disappearing taillights Boys  
Sangria Talladega Scotland  
My Guitar Homegrown Somewhere in my car  
Back to you M T Dancing ( P ) Chill factor  
  I Can't forget her ( P) The Gambler  
  Stay Bautiful ( P ) Tag on  
  My girl Josephine ( P ) Back to you  
  Somewhere in my car    
  Sun daze ( P )    


SAISON 2015 / 2016

All About A Woman All About A woman All About A Woman Shake
American Kids American kids American Kids Homegrown for 2
Stealing The Best Tag On M&D Raisem'up for 2
Bullfrog on a Log Sangria     Sangria Travelling Gypsy
Baby Belle Celtic Na La
  Celtic Na La
Kiss you Tonight
An Absolute Dream Chillaxin Chillaxin Mama
Little Wagon Wheel Rockin with the Rythm Rockin with the Rythm   Somebody's Mama
The Galway Gathering Can't Go Wrong Fly High All About Woman for 2
Can't Go Wrong                Pot Of Gold Pot Of Gold Kelly's Dream
Hat Trick Hat trick Hey O Just Lay Low
Telepathy Lay Low Lay Low I Just Called
Country As Can Be Corn Don't Grow Leti Barefoot&Crazy
Upside Down Good Time Girls Corn Don't Grow Dreaming Out Loud
Good Time Girls The Final Test Celtic Connection Photograph
Thank's A Lot The Bomp Good Time Girls The Leavin Side
The Bomp Piano Man Hot Tamales 64 Moonrise
Chew Bacca Runaround Sue The Final Test Pretty Baby
Bad Things Overrated The Bomp Sunrise
Homegrown Island in the Stream Piano Man Like Rose For 2
Marvin Gaye The Harvester Runaround Sue Life Of The Party
  Story Of My Live Overrated Working Man Blues
  Big Blue Tree Springsteen Wiskey O
  Marvin Gaye Country Fied Soul  
  Lord Help Me Gerry's Reel  
  Patsy Faigan Big Blue Tree  
  Do You Love Me Marvin Gaye  
  Modern Romance Plastic Pretty  
  Bad Things The World  
    Hat Trick  
    Modern Romance  
    Bring Down The House  
    Make It Hurt  


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